Friday, October 7, 2011


I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted! Things have been really busy lately and I kind of just forgot to post :( I apologize to anyone who reads this.

But! I've figured out a flour for us :) It works great for bread, cupcakes, and pancakes. Are you ready for this? I did a big batch:

8 cups GF oat flour
6 cups GF Sorghum flour
3 cups arrowroot starch
3 cups tapioca starch

Total: 20 cups. 7 parts grain, 3 parts starch. I made bread and cupcakes with this flour mix today and the most AMAZING thing happened....... they both rose! As if I had used *gasp* regular flour (not quite the same, but way more than any non-rice, GF flours I have tried so far). I'm so ecstatic! The only thing I'll try differently next time is equal parts oat and sorghum flours. I can still taste a hint of oat. It isn't bad, but I feel like there's still a bit of room for improvement (it's the perfectionist in me lol)

For anyone looking for an excellent cake/cupcake recipe, you absolutely must check this one out: Chef Chloe's Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes. They are the best cupcakes I've ever had and very easy to adjust for allergens. They are vegan - but you'd never guess it by the taste! No super strange, hard to find, completely random ingredients involved. The "weirdest" thing would be the apple cider vinegar, but have no fear: you can't taste vinegar in the cupcakes, all you taste is chocolatey deliciousness. The frosting is comparable to buttercream frosting, in fact, despite being a major buttercream frosting fan and not being allergic to it myself - I still use this vegan version as my go to frosting now. I also used this recipe to make my daughter's birthday smash cake, 1 batch should be good for that. I made a double batch and it was more than enough for her cake plus a bunch of cupcakes for everyone else (you may need more/less depending on how many you're serving)

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