Saturday, October 15, 2011

emotional video

I was going to just come on here and post the adjustments I made to the bread because my friend said it was even better today, but then I came across this video that deserves sharing. I found this on the BabyCenter FPIES board, it's a tribute to special needs mamas and is the only video I've seen to this day that has actually brought tears to my eyes. At the end there are websites listed for prader-willi syndrome, but it's dedicated to moms of all special needs kiddos. So break out the kleenexes ladies and click here

As for the delicious bread, I upped the sugar by 2 tbs to make it 1/4 cup sugar, used 1.5 tsp cinnamon, and decreased the baking soda slightly :) easy peasy!

On a completely unrelated note I've finally started getting things together for my daughter's allergy free Halloween party on the 29th and even decided on her costume! She's going to be Little Bo Peep and I'm going to make a little sheep costume for her baby (Violet). A tad dorky, I know... but oh so cute! I've got allergy friendly goody bags for the kids (crayons, coloring book, snack bag, etc), and am working on a nice little allergy friendly menu so I don't have to stress about her grabbing someone else's food or the kids all sharing like we know they like to do. Even though she's only 14 months old, she very much notices when somebody gets something she isn't able to eat and gets very upset by it :( This way everyone gets cool goodies, tasty treats, and nobody is left feeling upset/left out! I'm so excited (read: anxious/nervous) about the party... only two more weeks!

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